One of the 2 Keith Hill Covers known with the Extremely Rare 1850 Hawaiian Straightline Postmark (Blue).  Both covers from this correspondence are Buff envelopes with this example the finer of the 2.  As the other Hill cover was described in the 1995 Siegel Honolulu Advertiser "A Fine cover and an Extremely Fine example ofthis Postmark.

     One of only 8 known examples of the Blue Honolulu Straightlinge.

P.S. - The "Other" Hill cover sold in the 1995 Advertiser Sale for $12,650 - the 6th most expensive of the 236 lots in the session!

     Signed Ashbrook and with PSAG Certificate.

CA113    9/7     Remember HPS Discounts

CA113* Blue 1850 Hawaii Straightline